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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Got the HTML working

So after a few hours of work last night, and a couple today I finally got the HTML straightened out. I was having issues getting my adsense working. At one point I clicked 'monetize', and noticed I had an ad-click. I immediately began wondering how I had a click when my adds weren't working. So I decided to look at my blog from another computer. Turns out my ads were visible, just not from my laptop. Naturally, this had me puzzled. I got back on my laptop, and promptly realized that I might have been blocking adsense with AdBlockPlus. Disabled it, and sure enough, my ads were showing up.I felt like a moron spending so much time messing with the HTML when ABP was causing the problem. Lesson learned. I'm happy with the layout of my blog for now, just in time to hang out with a friend of mine. I'll post a blog with some real content tonight. Thanks again for the views, follows, and the ad click!

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